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About – Empowerment for Inclusion and Sustainability

Who We Are 

Empowerment for Inclusion and Sustainability (EIS) provides services in the United States of America and Cameroon on empowerment that is inclusive and sustainable for women, children and adolescents and the elderly.

Our Believes

At EIS, we believe Inclusion and community participation is a driving force for Sustainable development


Our Mission

The mission of Empowerment for Inclusion and Sustainability (EIS) is to empower indigenous communities to play leading roles in the development of their communities.   


Our Strategies

  • Community Participation at all levels of project/program design
  • Use of community driven solutions which are effective and efficient
  • Regular Feedback to the communities

Where we work

EIS’s work targets the most disenfranchised communities in Africa and beyond. It focuses on communities experiencing extreme violence, inequalities, and poverty in all its facets with an overriding goal of contributing to the realization of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) # 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 16. Often, efforts at combating poverty and reducing inequalities tend to alienate the very environments where these experiences are rife. EIS moves away from the common development practice of importing solutions to local problems based on a pre-determined definition of development. Our approach inspires communities to define their vision of development and work towards achieving it.

Our interventions targets all individuals in the underserved community with special attention on women, children, young people, the elder and individuals with all forms of disabilities in the United States of America and Cameroon. Since its creation in 2015, EIS has targeted local communities in the Northwest region of Cameroon with several exciting and rewarding interventions.


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